Feel the summer, the sun and the passion on your skin!

Only the finest materials from around the world are carefully selected for our beachwear to meet the highest quality standards. The special Lycra fabric we use, offers a stunning comfort and differs significantly in the flexibility, touch and durability from any other fabric.

With the "GLAM Collection" women enter the shiny and glamorous world of Swarovski, combined with the prestige of TA-BOU. The applied Swarovski crystals will make your eyes and your swimsuit sparkle like never before. Whether delicate and soft knitwear, with net-fabric or prints - we always pay attention to state-of-the-art processing (e.g. all filaments are neaten by hand and not cut by machine), to guarantee our unique fit and comfort.

Using the latest computerized programs we promote the variety of trendy and innovative designs. The well-being of our customers is our highest aim. The exceptional fit pared with the exotic, glamorous and sensual designs of TA-BOU beachwear make each day wearing your bikini, a day to remember.