TA-BOU beachwear is not just a brand… It is a way of living and way of thinking. We do not just design our own product line, we hand pick each and every type of fabric, we meticulously test every aspect of a swimsuit and possible threats to its quality, but most of all, we produce everything by hand and in our very own establishment in southern Italy in order to guarantee top-quality and fit for every single swimsuit.

At TA-BOU beachwear we provide fair wages and a modern and pleasant working environment. We truly believe that only a fair exchange can lead to a long-term success, in business just as much as in any relationship.

Each and every item is hand-sown by our very skilled employees. It may be hard to imagine that a single TA-BOU swimsuit can have over 40 separate pieces, with different types of fabrics, and can take up to 2 hours of production time. A real work of art!

The timeless design and precision manufacturing guarantee a perfect fit. Only the best materials available on the world market are used to produce our beachwear and our continuous research and quality test allow us to stay at the forefront of innovation.