Because a garment is rarely exposed to such extremes strains. Cosmetics, sweat, skin flakes, salt, chlorine, chemicals; they all attack the fine fibers of the swimsuit.


Wash all swimsuits before wearing them for the first time at 30 ° in order to eliminate a possible paint excess. Always loosen knotted models before washing. Wash your bathing clothes in the laundry net in gentle cycle at 30-40 °.


  • Do not use mild detergent or fabric softener.
  • Wash your swimsuits decorated with applications (e.g. Swarovski stones) by hand.
  • Dry your swimsuit in the shade and never let it stay wet in a towel. Do not tumble dry.

  • Wash your swimsuit immediately after each wearing.

  • Salty and chlorinated water in combination with sunlight can, despite the use of high quality materials, fade the colors. Bright and radiant colored swimsuits can lose their color intensity when exposed to too strong sunlight,

  • Thermal baths, hammams and similar special baths can harm your swimsuit. Dark and light colors can fade faster. This is not a manufacturer defect.