TA-BOU stands for the individuality of women. Thanks to perfect craftsmanship, versatile functionality and optimal fit, TA-BOU beachwear meets the highest standards a woman might have. Each piece of our collection is hand made and many of them are produced as limited editions.

The importance of swimsuits is still underestimated in our society. Feminine beachwear with sophisticated styles and finest materials emphasizes your personality and uniqueness and highlights the female form from its best side.

Ingrid De Nicola-Haverkate and Valeria De Nicola are the lead designers of TA-BOU beachwear. Both of them studied – though a generation apart - at the prestigious designer academy "Marangoni Milano". They are devoted with passion, innovation and absolute precision in designing exceptional and trendy beachwear for TA-BOU. The GLAM collection, swimsuits decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals, is the last successful example of the uniqueness and exclusivity of the TA-BOU beachwear fashion.

The specialization in swimsuits allows the rolling development of new designs during the entire year and even multiple times every month! This is why thanks to TA-BOU beachwear every woman can find and combine their very own style and always wear the absolute newest designs, any time of the year!